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Krokodove is an ever growing set of tools for Fusion and Resolve; Blackmagic Design‘s compositing and effects software. It is being developed at the Komkom Doorn studio over a period of 20+ years and actively used in hundreds of projects there.


The collection ranges from simple but useful productivity improvements to inspiring graphic effects for 2D and 3D. Additionally it also includes a range of vector and data tools.


Krokodove v8.20.01 (September 2021)

This download includes different incarnations for different versions of Fusion and Resolve. Supported platforms are:

  • Fusion 6-7 - Windows
  • Fusion 8-9 - Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Fusion/Resolve 16 - Windows
  • Fusion/Resolve 17-18 - Windows, Mac

    Remember only the Studio (paid) versions
    of Fusion and Resolve support plugins!

    Download Krokodove


    You can simply install by copying the correct plugin file in the proper Plugin folder. Only Fusion and Resolve 16 and later are still actively updated (with new tools and bug fixes). Releases for older Fusion versions are provided for nostalgia purposes... or people still using any of these sometimes more solid builds.


    Previous releases: Krokodove 8.10, 7.20 and 6.40